Going to Cuba?


You can see Cuba the way it is, before Starbucks’, McDonald’s, and Hooters set up shop and those that prefer their products, but you better go soon.

If you do decide to go to Cuba you have a couple of options. The first option is to go on one of the expensive totally arranged “cultural tours” where you will travel en masse on a giant bus and have little or no interaction with any of the Cuban people. You also will be fortunate to find a spot until next year due to limited space despite the high cost.


Private Home Stay & Transportation Services

Or you can see it the real way, staying in private homes, traveling in privately owned 1950 ‘s American classic cars and being able to explore Cuba on your own at your pace, exploring it’s beautiful streets, walking amongst the locals on the Malecon, discovering Havana’s many variety of restaurants, historical and architectural points of interest and nightlife. Meet the people.