Why Destination Cuba?

We have over twenty years experience in the Latin America travel business. While we have sent tens of thousands of people to Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Chile, and Bolivia, Cuba is a product unlike any other, especially for Americans wishing to visit.

We are so excited about its recent opening to US travelers that we have opened an office in a Havana house to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch, or at least too many.

It is not Cancun. It is Cuba. That means you need to be flexible and able to improvise, two things the Cubans are experts at.

Cubans are accustomed to not getting what they want. We try to help avoid that situation for you, certainly better than you could on your own. Besides, just because one paid a fortune to go on a “cultural tour” does not mean you are immune from the challenges in every day Cuba. So if you are adventurous of spirit and willing to “roll with the punches” you will without a doubt have the trip of a lifetime, at a fraction of the cost, and we can assure you you will want to come back.